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We Offer
Our Network sales team works with the big game and arcade agencies in the advertising markets to promote the value of game sites like yours. Network gives you high CPC's earning , quality campaigns, and full control of which ads run on your site.

Improve your earnings by placing exciting ads relevant for your audience on your game website. We offer a 100% fill-rate for your inventory all over the world with optimized campaigns for individual countries. With our flexible solutions you have the opportunity to better monetize your audience.

Rev share rate of 85% to publishers, CPC earning mode. Quick payouts NET 1 Payments, Paypal or a wire transfers. That's meaning your January earning, we'll paid on February 1st.

Advertised websites open in new window, Clicking on banners on your website will open the advertised website in a new window (some other networks don't offer this). Users will not leave your website by clicking on ads.

Finding out full statistics, daily/weekly/monthly, details eCPM and earning. so you can organize your banner offering to suit what your visitors want.

Site Requirements
To be considered for acceptance into the Network, publishers must have:

1) A minimum of 150,000 unique visitors per month
2) Highly targeted, relevant and regularly updated content for which the publisher is directly responsible
3) A professional and attractive site design
4) Its own top-level domain URL
5) An active, publicly stated user privacy policy

We do not accept sites that:

Contain content or links to content that include, but is not limited to:
1) Sex, pornography or otherwise adult-oriented content
2) Promotion of the excessive use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances
3) Violence, profanity, expletives or inappropriate language
4) Promotion of illegal activity such as copyright infringement, racism, hate, mail fraud, spam, pyramid schemes, or other advice not permitted under applicable law
5) Libelous and defamatory material and/or is contrary to public policy or otherwise unlawful
6) Support an excessive amount of advertising (stacking ads, more than three banner ads on a page, pages hosting only advertising, etc.)