Advertiser, What ad sizes are supported ?
The following ad types are supported. GIF, JPEG, SWF are accepted on all ad sizes with 728x90, 300x250, 160x600 and 336x768.

Advertiser, What is default banner and custom banner ?
Banners Default will running our system auto HIGH QUALITY creatives. Our HIGH QUALITY banners will running base your URL content if it's arcade or girl game content. That's bring HIGH QUALITY traffic to you with low bounce and high conversion.
If you Need custom banners, please email your custom ad banners to [email protected] note the banners for which Ad # , with sizes 160x600, 336x768, 300x250 and 728x90, per one banner. We'll setup it after review.

Advertiser, How long time my new ad can be get approve ?
In usually, your setup new AD campaigns will be approve in 3 hours, you can setup done the ad and add the credits. When the AD campaigns get approve, will be start deliver immediately.

Advertiser, What is campaigns useful ?
Campaigns is control your ad deliver limited and Geo-target. You need setup your campaigns for your Ads URL, Budget, Geos countries and other details deliver options.

Advertiser, What is UNIQUE click ?
Your ads will running with all clicks is UNIQUE.That's meaning if some visitors clicks your ads 728x90 banner and 300x250 banner again, our system only count 1 click for you cost.

Advertiser, What is possible discount ?
Yes, We offer MAX 5% discount for long-term partner. You can get it in the (New Order) page.

Publisher, What is the minimum payout ?
Our terms are simple requiring no exclusivity or long term obligations, our payout rate is tops in the industry, and we pay Net 1 with a low $50 minimum. Payments are made on terms of Net 1, that means 1 day after the close of a month.

Publisher, What payment methods are available ?
Payment can be made via wire transfer and paypal. We recommend using paypal because it's the quickest and most convenient way for our publishers to get paid.

Publisher, How many ads can I display per page ?
You cannot display more than three ads per page. Maximum 1 banner per size! (Do not place the same size 2 times on one page) One HTML Code (banner) must be visible without the need to scroll in any direction.

I have additional questions, how can I get them answered ?
Any question you have that has not been answered here, please send an email to [email protected]