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We Offer
If you have a website, dedicated to games entertainment business, this banner network is exactly what you have been choose ! Our network will expand the promotion and advertising opportunities for any game website , your visitors will easily find you.
All of the visitors, accessing your site through your banner, will be interested in games , because they have originally come from game sites. They will be interested in your website and will most likely become its regular visitors, contrary to other banner networks, where your games site's visitor will right away leave it, because the original website where he has come from had nothing to do with the game theme, and he wasn't interested in games at all, no matter how good your banner was. That way, this user will most likely forget about your website. Our network is different in the way that all its visitors are going to be interested in games and game websites and your website specifically!

Audience & Content
Advertising only works if it is targeted to the correct audience. That's what every site that we allow into our network. We make all our decisions based on site Content, site Quality and Volume. We believe that advertising should targeted to the correct content of a website, bringing the viewer information that they are truly interested in.

Geo-Targeting & Spending Limits
You can geo-target your ad placements by 250+ countries, and so reach your preferred audience whilst avoiding the unnecessary inefficiencies and 'waste' that other forms of online advertising can sometimes produce. If you want Purchase Special Country Target traffic , just feel free contact support about the details price for different countrys .

We offer you the ability to Have a set budget to Campaigns daily Spending Limits.

Historical Statistics
Get full historical statistics for days, weeks or months of your current or past advertising campaigns. See how your advert click-through ratio is effected, as well as discovering the best times of the day/month/year to promote through historical correlation.

Ad Formats & CPC Quality
Available banner size:728x90, 300x250,160x600 and 336x768,Onads.com works on a CPC basis.
Your ads will running with all clicks is UNIQUE.
That's meaning if some visitors clicks your ads 728x90 banner and 300x250 banner again, our system only count 1 click for you cost.

Custom Banners
Setup Banners Campaign, you Need custom banners, please email your custom ad banners to [email protected] note the banners for which Ad # , with sizes 160x600,300x250,336x768 and 728x90, per one banner. We'll setup it after review.